Local Use


Bito Formula

Helps with allergic reaction caused by insect and spider bites and stings

Prevents bacterial infection or complications in the “damaged area”



Enhances memory and concentration. Apply to neck and temples                         



Alleviate symptoms caused by Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster. Relieves pain, itching and infections of the skin, eases shingles discomfort and strengthens the immune system



Improves sinus congestion, has strong anti-inflammatory properties



To prevent and relieve early symptoms of flu. Apply to sinus area on the face and into nostrils



Effective for people with mechanical damage of bones and ligaments and can be used for recovery after operation or injury




Dent It: Relieves toothache and inflammation of gums. Good for teething babies.

Dent Oz:Reduces receding, bleeding, swelling or inflammation of gums due to periontosis.


 Dent It & Dent Oz mini poster