Skin Care Complexes


Sun Repair / Aftersun

Especially formulated for sun damaged/mature skin with anti-inflammatory properties for treatment of burns and skin irritation. It also decreases sensitivity towards UV radiation.


Vital Restore / Hydraderma

Ideal for chronically dry, prematurely wrinkled skin which shows poor regenerative abilty due to the excessive dryness.


Vital Repair / Coupederma

Suited for skin with fine venous network on cheeks (couperose), also treats general erythema and inflamed blood vessels.

Vital Regen 1 / Oxiderma

Dehydrated and sensitive skin will benefit with this product, especially during menopause, as this facial complex normalises hormonal activity and stimulates epithelial regeneration. Use over entire face twice daily

Vital Regen 2 / Derma Day 

Normal/dry skin: Improves blood circulation and decreases swelling especially puffiness around the eyes. Use over entire face in the morning. Best results when used in conjunction with Vital Regen 3/Derma Night in the morning.

Vital Regen 3 / Derma Night 

Normal/dry skin:  Stimulates the lymphatic drainage of the face and neck areas. Use over entire face in the evening. Best results when used in conjunction with Vital Regen 2/Derma Day in the morning. 

Vital Renewal / Elastoderma

This facial complex reduces scars and keloids, improves the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin and is useful for damaged, stretched skin such as after weight loss or plastic surgery.


NEW: Natural Facial Cleanser


This natural cleanser is pH balanced and suitable for all skin types. Gentle yet effective as it even removes makeup but it does not strip the skin’s natural oils, leaving the skin feeling softer.

There is no added fragrance or colourants so as to minimize the chance for irritation on even sensitive skins, but you could add a drop or two of your favourite essential or carrier oil if you would like.